Moving From Guitar Lessons To Rock Band Classes

Traditional guitar lessons are only useful up to a point, and many people who like to play find that playing alone is simply not adequate. The traditional lessons typically consist of fingering exercises, and practicing scales, and it is not surprising that younger players become bored and frustrated. For anyone who is at all serious about playing electric guitar or another instrument in a band, rock band classes can be invaluable.

Playing with other musicians, instead of the endless repetition of lessons, can also be useful for those learning other instruments. Performing with others has proven to be effective for anyone taking up the electric bass, often leading to a speeding up of the learning process, and anyone taking drum lessons will find that playing their drum set with others is much more effective than solo playing.

Playing with other musicians as a band can give would-be musicians the chance to play with others and perhaps learn from them, and performing with others undoubtedly speeds up the learning process. Some groups that are established because of these classes go on to become good enough to play at school dances or other functions. One of the best ways to improve and gain confidence as a musician is to play before an audience, as any experienced musician will tell you.

Performing is also one of the most important ways to enjoy musical learning. There is nothing like the sense of confidence that stems from playing the part one is assigned. Experienced musicians will tell you that making the audience happy is one of the great rewards of honing a skill. This is true, of course, for all of the rock band’s components, including drums, electric bass, possibly keyboards and of course the singer.

Song selection depends on how well the group plays together. Relatively simple standards, such as the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” ultimately give way to more challenging pieces. If one checks YouTube, it takes little time to see that many of the student rock bands become very, very proficient.

Anyone learning taking guitar lessons or learning to play other instruments wants to ultimately play with others and to become proficient, and playing in a band environment is essential. Rock Band Classes can help to bridge the gap between the old-fashioned lessons, with their repetition and practice; and the experience of playing live in front of an audience. Most aspiring guitar players are not going to be adequately prepared for a live stage performance, by taking only traditional guitar lessons.