Essential Setups for a Wide digital marketing

Essential Setups for a Wide digital marketing

A mailing list is probably one of the most valid and responsive tools available for a small business, which can thus get in touch with its most loyal customers digital marketing in malaysia. Believe it or not, many of your competitors aren’t even thinking about building a mailing list. They still make the mistake of thinking they can only be successful by building their community on social.

Clearly having a strong social community is important! But when it comes to converting potential customers into buyers, email marketing remains one of the best ways to do it. The right mode of digital marketing comes here.

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Focus on valuable content

Your content can be of various kinds and created in numerous different ways digital marketing agencies. You can make videos, webinars, articles for your blog, infographics, etc.

According to the 80-20 rule

80% of your content should communicate value, and the remaining 20% ​​should be focused on promotion. Valuable content conveys something to your audience. It is unique, fresh, relevant, interesting for your target. Instead, small businesses often move in other directions. 80% of the contents are excessively sales-oriented and self-referential, only 20% of them contain useful information for the reader! If you’re not convinced of the value generated by creating your content, then take a moment to reflect and rethink your content marketing strategy.

The importance of an SEO strategy

Every small business owner who ventures into the world of digital marketing has heard of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is the set of techniques aimed at improving and promoting a website (or a blog) to increase its visits through the traffic generated naturally by search engines.

Instead of focusing on a long-term SEO strategy to build a stable foundation for their online presence, most small businesses decide to channel their budget into PPC advertising when they start. On the other hand, it is important to give lasting visibility to one’s online presence.

Google has become the indispensable means to make yourself known or make your company known both online and offline. If a site is not well positioned, it will be practically invisible to those who search, that is, it will be ineffective: on the contrary, being on the first page of search engine results is equivalent to having the spotlight on a world stage.

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When to use paid advertising

As we mentioned in the previous section, many small businesses spend too much on paid ads. In the absence of a sales funnel and a long-term SEO strategy, they would like immediate results and start investing in PPC to drive sales growth. However, this is not a sustainable digital marketing method.

The mistake is to confuse the meaning of “more traffic” with that of “more sales”. More traffic is a good result, but without a strategy behind it, it will be difficult to achieve optimal and lasting results over time and convert all this traffic into sales.

3 simple steps to follow can be:

  • Create a competitive and relevant offer.
  • Create great content for your website to attract users.
  • Create a targeted PPC campaign that targets people who have known you and have already visited your website.

Remember traffic isn’t everything, you need to be able to turn visitors into buyers.

Enrich the user experience

When a user finds you online, it is important that we have a good experience and that they find everything they are looking for and more. Underlying it is a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of its users and potential customers. The ones you find below are simple tips to keep in mind to enrich the experience of your users.