All you need to know about digital signage in retail stores

All you need to know about digital signage in retail stores

In today’s digitalization times, more and more people resort to online shopping glass manufacturer in malaysia, making it difficult for physical retail stores to run their business. To move with the era of digitalization, retail stores are using digital signage and LED displays to attract customers. Not only inside the stores, but such displays are also placed outside the stores so that the people passing by may visit the store after noticing the products and offers displayed on the digital signage.

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Use of digital signage 

  • Clothing stores

Installation of digital signage in any fashion store is to show the customers the different clothing styles available pdlc smart glass and attract them into buying those clothing items. Usually, the displays are placed all around the store.

  • Automobile showrooms

In automobile showrooms, the basic purpose of the displays to increase sales. As the showrooms are not big enough to have every car model in it, these LED displays come in help by showing the entire inventory.

  • Appliance/Electronic stores

In electronic/ appliance stores, digital signage helps in listing all the features of various products. Less hassle compared to salespersons memorizing all the benefits and features related to the product.

  • Automobile parts stores

Usually, automobile parts come with manuals and instructions. Still, displaying all these on LED displays makes it easier for the store to communicate all this information to the customers.

  • Home décor and furniture shops

For home décor shops, LED displays can show directions to the customers around the shop. It can help create a theme around the furniture and may also display various financing information.  

Applications of multimedia signage 

  • LED displays

The LED displays are the best way to grasp any visitor’s attention by showing various pictures and videos related to the retail store. The brightness level of the displays is optimized in such a way to capture the attention of both inside and outside people.

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  • Interactive Wayfinder

These displays are usually installed in shopping malls to help shoppers quickly find their shops and reach the stores. It provides the quickest route, and when the display is not used, it continuously promotes various brands present in the mall.

  • Digital signage

These displays are used inside and outside the store to show various offers and also their inventory. By showing interesting videos and pictures, the customer might get more invested in the product and increase the store’s sales.

  • Crowd analytics

Crowd analytics is a software that, when it gets customer-related data, it shows the contents that will particularly attract the target customers. For using such technology, retailers need to be aware of the customer’s preferences and demographics.

Benefits of digital signage 

  • Creating an atmosphere

With digital signage worldwide, it helps create an atmosphere that will make the product more attractive and encourage the customer to buy it.

  • Marketing

The LED displays can be used to market any new product that arrived in the store or direct the customer’s attention to any product that supplements other products.

  • Interactivity

Many fashion or beauty stores even display their past customers’ pictures, making the new visitor’s experience more memorable. The most common way of getting such customer pictures is through social media by using a certain hashtag. 

  • Branding

These displays, through pictures and videos, help in promoting brand styles. And when the store wants to change the branding style, with few clicks, the displays can be changed.

  • Displaying offers

The most common use of these displays to promote the various offers, as numbers in bright digital displays will catch more eyes than written displays.

When the right kind of digital displays are used, it can make a big difference in sales and the kind of experience the visitors of the stores have. With proper digital displays, it will leave a never forgetting impression of the store on the customers.